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SFL’s public welfare project team listed in the 5th “Google China Social Innovation Cup”

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Recently, SFL’s students have made wonderful performance in the 5th “Google China Social Innovation Cup”. The team project leaded by Yang Fan, themed as “the setting sunlight up the stay-at-home children” has been listed for team award and it was the only project in WTU to qualify the quarter-final.

The project was mainly planned to reveal the problem of Wuhan’s stay-at-home children who were lack of care in lives, tutorship in study and guidance in behaviour. It was aimed at bringing about these children care, tutorship and guidance by means of arranging retired old teachers to teach once again. Yang Fan, the project leader explained that an undergraduate should develop himself not only in intellectual education but also in moral education. Contemporary college students should care about society and love our own country at the same time when they learn scientific knowledge.

It was reported that this was a competition started by Google and aimed at promoting the development of public welfare establishments and advocating college students to take active part in social public welfare through the form of collecting public welfare ideas and of funding the project that had won the award.

24,500 projects from 1,273 colleges and universities were handed in. 30 projects of our university qualified at the tryout and 3 projects of them qualified the preliminary contest. Finally, the project of “the setting sunlight up the stay-at-home children” stood out because of its bright social concern theme, selfless volunteer’s spirit and actual result. The project, on behalf of WTU, qualified the quarter-final and shortlisted for the team award, which won the honor for our university and showed the good spiritual appearance of our students.